RDGPS School is located in the heart of city which saves travelling time of students as well as Teachers.


Coaching is imparted to students to prepare & develop the aptitude of students for various competitive exams. Facilitating sports, yoga, and meditation to encourage healthy competition, character building, concentration and physical stamina in students


Different educational methods and strategies are designed to prepare students for different life’s challenges. The focus is on development of soft skills along with hard skills to enable them independent problem solver. Involve students by “Boost enthusiasm for learning.” “Engage in courageous conversations.”


Regular remedial and counseling session of students & parents are organized with the objective to help and support.

Teaching methods

Our current teaching methods enable students to practice and hone various academic skills like reading, writing, speaking, critical-thinking, mathematics and creativity, on a daily basis. Moreover, our teaching methods coordinate across different subjects and skills to keep the student alert and improve their results. Learning concepts are followed up by activities and assignments that reinforce and fully leverage the present requirement.


RDGPS have implemented Smart Class Technology in all our classrooms to help students leverage new communication technologies to bridge the gap between classroom learning and the real world. Our fully digital classrooms provide teacher-led content solutions to enhance student learning outcomes. Smart class aids in greater clarity in concept-based learning and provides better teaching strategies to assess students and deliver well designed learning modules.