About Our School

Welcome to RDG Public School

RDG Public School, established by Bhartiya Seva Sadan, is a sprawling large campus situated in the heart of Akola city, just next to Akashwani, Akola Maharashtra. The campus is beautifully landscaped with lush green gardens and piazza. It has bright and cheerful classrooms, sports and other recreational facilities which provide an environment where students can grow holistically. RDGPS is the most trusted name in quality education, which is recognized for its progressive approach and commitment to excellence. In a very short span of time RDGPS has established itself as one of the best institutions in Akola.

RDGPS is offering various facilities to impart varied expertise to keep pace with global needs . The school offers courses that focus on holistic development of individuals by cultivating their unique talents. The school nurtures leaders of tomorrow.

The school aims to develop cognitive, emotional, psychomotor and aesthetic abilities of the learner through a number of curricular and co-curricular activities in order to foster team spirit and environmental cognizance. It offers an amiable, stress-free and value based learning experience. It also lays equal emphasis on the proficiency of a learner in the acquisition of essential life skills attitudes, values, and achievement in outdoor co-curricular activities encompassing sports and games. The primary focus is on meaningful and joyful learning. Educational programs evolve from the felt needs, incorporating contextual issues and challenges. Activities and events related to value education, environment, health education, games and sports, visual and performing arts, culture and heritage, international experience sharing, personality development etc. are effectively woven into the main fabric of school curriculum.

Rules & Regulations

The medium of instruction is English and the school caters to students of all communities, religions and linguistic backgrounds.

  • ➥ Students must report to school before the first bell at 7:55 am on working days and must attend the assembly without fail.
  • ➥ Consideration is given to only those who are ill or had an injury and thus cannot stand for the assembly. Students must follow proper uniform code and avoid wearing fancy items on working days.
  • ➥ Long leave or break from the school must be avoided thus keeping the attendance above 80% for the academic year. Attendance on the re-opening days after the vacation periods is compulsory. Leave can be availed by producing appropriate letter from the parent with valid reason or medical report in case of illness.
  • ➥ School fees and any other payment as prescribed by the school should be paid before the due date to avoid inconvenience later.
  • ➥ Fee payments are accepted in cheque, credit/debit card and through online/Banking means. Cash is not accepted.
  • ➥ School uniform is compulsory on all working days and at all school functions except Birthdays.
  • ➥ No mobile phones will be allowed on the school premises.( School will not take any responsibility for the inappropriate use of the phones outside the campus given to the students by their parents)
  • ➥ Parents should follow school timings to meet the teachers and should use the school diary generously to communicate.
  • ➥ Parents should adhere to the terms and conditions with respect to their wards’ assignments and completion of home-work.
  • ➥ Every student should take care of school property with utmost care. Any damage to the school property or buildings, breaking of class furniture or lab equipment or loss of library books, defacing of the school properties will be dealt seriously.
  • ➥ No personal items (play-items, books, magazines, gadgets etc.) should be brought to school without prior permission to do so
  • ➥ The school reserves the right to cancel or modify any of the standing rules and enforce new rules from time to time.
  • ➥ Ignorance of rules will not be considered as an excuse.

Assessment Process

School periodically assesses the all-round development of a child, as prescribed by the CBSE board; this includes assessment of a child in all spheres of the schooling life. Their projects; oral, writing, involvement in events, participation in competitions, sports, yoga, music, dance, physical education, art and craft etc. are assessed by the teachers and the students are given points or grades accordingly. Right from the start of these assessments, which go on throughout the year, percentages are taken to be included in the final results, at the end of the academic year.

Unique features of our school

The medium of instruction is English and the school caters to students of all communities, religions and linguistic backgrounds.

  • ➥ RDGPS Provides clean, safe and hygienic environment to study
  • ➥ RDGPS is one of the few eco-friendly schools to instate Rain Water Harvesting and maximum usage of natural light and air.
  • ➥ RDGPS is one of the first schools in to initiate Cricket Academy/Basket Ball and special sports club for all major sports.
  • ➥ RDGPS has a sprawling sports playground.
  • ➥ The RDGPS Library is a great repository of books and leading journals/Magazines/Periodics/Reference Books and daily newspapers and has subscribed to a treasure of fruitful reading.
  • ➥ RDGPS has good number of co-curricular activities in an academic year
  • ➥ RDGPS has been appreciated for it’s facility which has modernized and state of the art infrastructure.
  • ➥ RDGPS has one of the best Computers, Maths and Science Labs, providing wholesome mentoring to its students.
  • ➥ RDGPS Annual Day (Euphoria) is celebrated every year on 23 Dec and is always talk of the town and an euphoric fun time for all the students and their parents.
  • ➥ RDGPS is one of the few CBSE schools in Akola which conducts mainstream activities and celebrations e.g. World Literacy Day, International Women’s Day, World Humanitarian Day along with all the festivals and special day celebrations across the academic year.
  • ➥ RDGPS is consecutively promoting and conducting various self-improving competitions like elocution, debating, music, drawing, and craft etc.
  • ➥ RDGPS is one of the few CBSE schools in Akola with 5 acres Campus with best in class facility- both driven with a common vision and unique spirit.
  • ➥ RDGPS has one of the best Basketball Court in the entire area.
  • ➥ Cultural Hall at rdgps is a masterpiece and one of it's kind in the entire area.
  • ➥ School Canteen “RDG Foody Corner” is providing the most hygienic and tasty food and special items round the clock for the students and the staff at most subsidized ratesa along with facilities of birthday and other events celebrations and a beautiful seating area.
  • ➥ RDGPS has the most aesthetic green campus in the heart of the city convinient to all parents.

Our Aims & Objectives

The aims and objectives of the school are not merely academic education but to develop one’s talent, mental, physical, spiritual, moral and intellectual abilities through formal and informal courses which stress on character building. The importance is given to the development of personal qualities of integrity and courage and steadfastness to principles. We aim on preparing students to face the situations, respect each other as individuals and also contribute their share towards building a better Nation and becoming a good citizen. We aim ate creating tomorrows leaders


The medium of instruction is English and the school caters to students of all communities, religions and linguistic backgrounds.

  • ➥ School Portal/website/mobile app for students, teachers, students and school digital interface.
  • ➥ Well-equipped Labs
  • ➥ Resourceful Library (both physical and digital)
  • ➥ Playgroup (Kinder fun) and attached with green lawn, various slides and other equipments, swiming/splash pool, sand play
  • ➥ Smart boards with digital classrooms
  • ➥ Cultural hall/Auditorium with Audio and Visual facilities
  • ➥ Excellent Sports Coaching with special coaches for all major sports.
  • ➥ School Canteen providing hygenic food at subsidized cost
  • ➥ Dance Classes
  • ➥ Yoga Classes
  • ➥ Music Classes
  • ➥ Mentoring/Remedial Classes
  • ➥ Helpful Reception.
  • ➥ Welfare/Medical/Emergency Management Desk
  • ➥ Diesel generator set for continues power supply


We have excellent teachers who have hands-on experience in teaching for more than a decade or even more. They are qualified and trained for the present generation teaching methodologies – instated and refurbished by the school. They confer lectures/discourses and prepare worksheets suitable for the students, based on their ability and learning capabilities. They undergo periodic orientation & Training programmers and are abreast with the modern developments happening in the education field. They are rigorously trained in workshops/seminars on how to manage classroom behavior and keep a transparent relationship with parents- informing them about their ward’s progress and peer-interaction, on a regular basis.

Admission Procedures

Admission enquiries are open throughout the year at the school office. Confirmation will depend on the availability of seats in the class applied for, and on completion of the entrance test for the classes V and above. The tests will be for English, Mathematics, Hindi and Social science. Every application for admission to Class II and above must be enclosed with TC duly counter signed by the officials concerned of the Dept. of Education, if possible, or duly certified by the school studied earlier Admissions of selected candidates are confirmed subject to payment of all prescribed fees:

  • ➥ Original Birth certificate Documents to be furnished
  • ➥ Transfer Certificate from school last attended
  • ➥ Caste certificate if belong to SC/ST/OBC
  • ➥ Two Recent passport size color Photograph
  • ➥ Photo Copy of Marks card of previous class attended
  • ➥ Photo Copy of Aadhar card